How to Safely and Discreetly Buy Sex Toys Online in Canada

How to Safely and Discreetly Buy Sex Toys Online in Canada

How to Safely and Discreetly Buy Sex Toys Online in Canada

We live in a post-Fifty Shades era, a society that is steadily accepting sex toys as a means to address sexual preferences. Buying sex toys online or using them is no more a taboo, but this does not necessarily mean you need to share your purchases or choices. When it comes to ordering sex toys online, especially in a country like Canada, ensuring safety and discretion is vital. It allows individuals to prioritise safety features, material quality, discreet packaging, and secure transactions without having to disclose their identity.

Whether you don't want your partner to know about your vibrator purchase showing up on a bank statement or you're concerned about sneaky neighbours seeing a package with adult items, it makes sense to want to keep your purchases of intimate products private. This blog helps you trace the path of safely and discreetly ordering sex toys in Canada.

Tips to Buy Sex Toys Online Safely and Discreetly

Your identity is always at risk while purchasing sex toys. The risk gets more severe when you buy sex toys online. Is there a way to surpass these risks and purchase sex toys in Canada safely and discreetly? Of course, there is! Here are a few tips that would help you order sex toys online safely and discreetly.

Tips to buy sex toys that are safe to use

1. Material Safety

When you buy sex toys online, it is of utmost importance to choose the material of your sex toy wisely. Some of these intimate toys are made using a very toxic material called phthalates. This material looks like plastic, but it is said to interfere with hormones and cause skin infections. This is the reason it has been prohibited in children's toys and pacifiers. On the other hand, safe premium sex toys made of medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, glass, or Pyrex won't mess with your hormones or skin. Always check for the term "medical-grade" on the packaging of the sex toys.

2. Usage and Comfort

While the material of the product matters, ease of use and comfort are also vital; hence, consider how and where you'll use the toy before buying it. This helps you choose the correct type, size and features suitable for you. Also, go for products that are simple to clean, like non-porous sex toys made from silicone, glass, or metal. This helps maintain safety and hygiene.

3. Check for Authenticity

When you are set to buy sex toys in Canada, you find both real and fake stuff in the online market. So, only get your sex toys from trustworthy and reputable brands like Satisfyer, Fun Factory, Tenga, Adam and Eve, We-Vibe, Je Joue, etc. It's smart to start with a product that clearly says what it's made of, how to use it, and other details on the back. pick brands that are verified. 

4. Electrosex Toys 

If you are interested in electrosex toys, understand the different types like wands, TENS devices, and E-Stim cuffs and their usage. These sex toys for men and women have electrical components, and hence before buying them, you need to ensure it is designed with proper insulation to prevent electrical shocks and have good conductivity for effective and safe use.

Tips to order sex toys discreetly


1. Don’t Let Your Browsing History or Email Reveal Your Purchases

To protect yourself from awkward situations, you need to turn the incognito mode on while searching and buying sex toys online. Also, use a dedicated email account for purchases to keep confirmations and communication private. This way, nothing gets stored in your search history, so no one would ever know.

2. Discreet Shipping Options

You wouldn't want a package with pictures of couple sex toys or scantily clad bodies on it. Most good sex toy shops understand that, so they make sure to send your order in a plain brown package. But not every online store does this. That's why it's important to read the store's policy and make sure they promise to keep everything private, from when you order the product until it shows up at your home.

3. Non-Descriptive Billing

Worried that your partner or family might notice a sex toy purchase transaction on your bank statement? Don’t stress, you just need to find online stores that do not explicitly mention your transaction details on bank statements. Reputable sellers like Spicy Love, often use inconspicuous billing descriptors to protect your privacy.  They even offer payment platforms that prioritise user privacy and offer anonymous and discreet billing options.


The increasing societal acceptance of sex toys for men and women does not negate the importance of maintaining privacy and safety when purchasing sex toys online, particularly in a country like Canada. To ensure a safe and discreet purchase, it is crucial to consider several factors: discreet packaging, non-descript transactions, and a safe delivery spot to collect the items. These tips to buy sex toys online aim to help individuals navigate the process of safely and discreetly ordering sex toys online in Canada. To ensure a safe and discreet purchase of all kinds of sex toys, lubes, and other intimate products from top brands, visit Spicy Love! Entice and spice up things secretly!


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