Traveling with Sex Toys

The Do's and Don'ts of Traveling with Sex Toys: Your Essential Guide

Traveling with Sex Toys

Planning adult trips should be equally fun and entertaining as any other trip you would go on. Masturbation isn’t something illegal or to be ashamed of. It's a completely natural and normal thing. So is the use of sex toys. They are meant to provide you with sexual pleasure. But why should you restrict yourself from using your toys on a trip? There is no reason to sabotage your pleasures! But these items stand as property for private indulgence and hence should be carried and used with responsibility. Well, we have made you the perfect guide with all the do’s and don'ts while traveling with sex toys.

What to Do While Carrying Sex Toys?

Here are 5 golden rules on how to travel with sex toys:

1. Remove the batteries from your sex toys

You don't want airport security to inspect your luggage because your sex toy is making noise. To avoid any unexpected buzzing from your sex toys, make sure to remove the batteries before you go on your flight. Pack the batteries separately from the toy but don't forget to bring them, or it won't work. If you have a rechargeable one, it's a good idea to use it until it's out of power before you travel.

2. Learn the security and immigration rules for sex toys in the country you are traveling to

While some countries have accepted and made the use of sex toys legal, there are still developing nations that consider these items just as illegal and serious as things like guns, explosives, and weapons, treating them with the same strictness. Hence it’s always advisable to check the rules of traveling with sex toys for the country you are going to, in order to avoid any trouble.

3. Place your toys in a separate bag with toiletries

To maintain discretion and hygiene, it's a good idea to place your sex toys and accessories in a separate bag, perhaps with your toiletries. This helps keep them clean and makes them less conspicuous if your luggage is inspected.

4. Follow the thumb rule

When you're on a trip, it's a good idea to bring sex toys that are small and not too obvious. Just like they say, "pack light" when you travel, the same applies to sex toys. Choose a small yet powerful toy that can easily fit in your hand or even smaller. This is known as the thumb rule while traveling with sex toys. You can also pick sex toys that don't look like body parts to not make it obvious. 

5. Get toys that are USB-rechargeable

If you're traveling to another country, keep in mind that they often have different types of plugs and power settings. If your sex toy needs to be plugged in, you might need a special adapter and converter for the charger. But you can avoid this hassle by choosing toys that can be charged using a USB as they can be charged directly from your power bank or laptop.

Carrying sex toys in bag

What Not to Do While Carrying Sex Toys?

1. Do not carry excessive lube

You will need lube while traveling with adult toys. But that does not mean you carry the excess of it. Certain airlines have guidelines on carrying liquids. Make sure you are only carrying 100ml (3 oz) of fluid. This is enough to last your trip and is the standard quantity that flights allow. Also, you do not wish to clutter your bag unnecessarily.

2. Make sure your toys aren’t scattered all around the place

When you travel with sex toys it's your responsibility to carry them with utmost discretion. Do not scatter your sex toys in your luggage and not at the place you stay. These toys are meant for personal indulgence and satisfaction and should be kept private.

3. Don't forget to disinfect

Are you cleaning your toys properly? Do not discount the importance of disinfecting your sex toys both before and after your trip. Proper hygiene is crucial, and it ensures that your toys remain clean and safe to use. Ensure you are carrying a sex toy cleaner with you to keep them safe and clean.

4. Make sure to respect others' privacy

While on a trip, you do not want everyone to know what you are doing. Hotel walls aren't that thick, and it is easy for people next door to listen to the loud vibrations from your device. Hence it is important to make sure you have toys that do not disturb the privacy of the person staying next to you. Moreover, do not get to open up to people about using sex toys until asked. These are basic etiquettes that should be kept in mind.

5. Don't feel embarrassed 

There is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about carrying sex toys. It is important to accept your sexuality and own your choices. If you think airport officials are paying extra attention to your bag, it's okay to calmly tell them you have sex toys inside. You're likely not the first person with such items in their carry-on luggage. If you're uncomfortable talking about it, you can simply say your toy is a massager without going into details about what it's meant to massage.


Despite how society might judge them, it's perfectly fine to travel with sex toys. You can take steps to keep them private and avoid people discovering them. But sometimes, despite your efforts, they might be found in your luggage. The best way to handle this situation is not to feel embarrassed and own them. If you are in search of travel-friendly options, you can find a wide collection of sex toys, lubes, and other adult items at Spicy Love! So spice up your sexual life with these toys whenever you travel next!


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