Understanding Dildos: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding Dildos: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding Dildos: Everything You Need to Know

In this era of progressive mindsets and open dialogue, conversations about sexual wellness have broken the barriers and taboos in society. Amidst this, the usage of sex toys and their significance in one’s sexual life has also become prominent. Along with other pleasure-enhancing devices, dildos are also the most popular ones. Dildos are multipurpose sex toys that were originally made for penetration. As a general rule, dildos are phallic-shaped and have a pointed end to mimic the form of a human penis. A wide variety of dildo types, materials, girths, and lengths are available. If you're looking to spice up your clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, or anal penetration, a dildo is the way to go. We have compiled this blog to make you aware of this valuable sex toy and how to use a dildo in detail so that you can add it to boost your sexual health and pleasure.  

Knowing the Main Types of Dildos

Classic Dildos

Classic dildos have a conventional phallic shape and are often constructed of body-safe materials such as silicone or rubber. Their smooth surface and simple design make them flexible for a variety of functions, including vaginal and anal stimulation. Novices often select them because of their simple design, which aids in progressively exploring their enjoyment preferences.

Realistic Dildos

Careful attention to detail, including realistic veins and texture, allows a realistic dildo to mimic the appearance and feel of the male anatomy. They provide a realistic feel because of the materials like silicone or dual-density rubber. Users looking for a more genuine and intimate sensual experience can get with these dildos.

Vibrating Dildos

Incorporating motors, the vibrating dildos provide highly dynamic sensations. They offer a range of vibration patterns and intensities and are usually powered by rechargeable units or batteries. People who want a more intense and diverse experience often choose them since the extra stimulation makes interior and exterior erogenous zones more pleasurable.

Strap-on Dildos

Strap-on dildos let users enjoy themselves hands-free by using a harness mechanism to fasten a dildo. Various designs, such as jockstraps and briefs, are available for the strap-on and harnesses. For partnerships that lean more toward heteronormative or LGBTQ+, this multipurpose item is a great way to encourage discovery and closeness.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos have a base specifically intended to provide a secure adhesion to flat surfaces. These dildos, often constructed from body-safe materials like silicone, provide hands-free adaptability, enabling users to explore a variety of positions and settings while playing alone. 

Details About Dildo Materials

Dildos offered in the market are made from different materials to provide a distinctive experience. These are some of them:- 

  • Silicone is a popular choice that is body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean. It's compatible with water-based lubes and offers a lifelike feel.
  • Known for its smooth texture, glass dildos are non-porous and can be heated or cooled for added sensations. They're sturdy, hygienic, and often considered a luxurious option.
  • Stainless steel or aluminum dildos are firm, heavy, and easily sanitized. They can be warmed or cooled, providing diverse sensations. Always check for body-safe coatings.
  • Cyberskin or TPE mimics the feel of real skin, offering a more realistic experience. However, they are porous and require extra care in cleaning. Ensure they are phthalate-free.
  • Handcrafted wooden dildos are unique and often treated with body-safe coatings. However, they require special attention in cleaning and storage.
How to Choose the Right Dildo

How to Choose the Right Dildo?

  • Choose a size that fulfils your comfort level and desires. Novices can prefer smaller options, while experienced users may opt for more substantial dimensions.
  • Different materials offer unique sensations. Silicone provides a realistic feel; smooth glass can be temperature-adjusted; metal is firm and versatile, while Cyberskin/TPE feels like real skin but demands extra care.
  • Dildos come in various shapes and textures for targeted pleasure. Consider whether you prefer a smooth, curved, or textured design for the desired stimulation.
  • Some dildos are crafted for specific purposes. G-spot or prostate-targeting shapes enhance pleasure, while double-ended or suction cup models offer versatility for solo or partner play.
  • If opting for a vibrating dildo, decide between battery-powered or rechargeable options. Rechargeables are eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.
  • Prioritize hygiene by choosing non-porous materials and designs that are easy to clean. Follow care instructions to prolong the lifespan of your chosen pleasure product.

How to Use a Dildo Safely for Enhanced Pleasure?

Cleaning Your Dildo

Preventing the formation of germs and fungi requires a thorough cleaning of your dildo before and after each usage. Use warm water and a gentle, antibacterial soap to clean non-porous surfaces, such as glass or silicone. A specialized toy cleaning for materials with pores, like rubber, could be required. You can also check the how-to-clean a dildo manual for any specific type of dildo. 

Use Lubricant

Lubricate the dildo well to reduce skin-to-dildo friction. Lubricants made of water is usually suitable for silicone toys but requires frequent reapplication. Lube made of silicone is ideal for use with steel or glass dildos since it lasts longer.

Warm Adequately 

You may add more experiences by warming or cooling certain materials, including metal and glass. To prevent burns or pain, test the temperature on a tiny area before using it fully.

Engage in Foreplay First

Foreplay improves the experience of using a dildo, as it does with any sexual activity. First, either you or your partner should massage the greased dildo on the inner thigh. Before diving headfirst into anal or vaginal penetration, gently touch the anus, clitoris, and vaginal entrance with the dildo's tip.

Try Penetrating

Masturbation and partner sex are only two examples of the many forms of play that may incorporate a dildo. When using a big dildo, take extra care not to rush things if penetration is your aim.

Wrapping Up

Recognizing and using a variety of pleasure-enhancing tools, such as dildos, is an essential component of achieving sexual well-being. When choosing the appropriate dildo, it is essential to take into account the material, the size that is preferred, and the purpose for which it will be used. When looking for high-quality, reliable sex toys in Canada, Spicy Love should be your first choice. Having an extensive collection of sex toys, from vibrators and anal toys to dildos, the brand is one of the leading sex toy stores in the country.


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