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Prepare for Ecstatic Expansions of Pleasure!

In the realm of passion, the BOOTIE COCK RING emerges as a tantalizing delight, perfectly suited for both the daring novice and seasoned aficionado. Whether you embark on a solo exploration or engage in an intimate symphony with your partner, brace yourself for the kind of mind-blowing orgasms that unfold when multiple erogenous zones are harmoniously stimulated.

Unveiling the Secrets of the BOOTIE RING COCK RING

This extraordinary creation intertwines the potency of a silicone cock ring with the tantalizing allure of a butt plug. Brace yourself for the incredible fusion of erection-enhancing power, exquisite perineum massage, sensational anal stimulation, and a gentle caress of the prostate. Every movement resonates throughout your being, igniting a cascade of pleasure that surges from the base of your penis to the depths of your prostate. And as an added bonus, the velvety smooth silicone ridge that connects the plug and the ring lavishes attention upon your sensitive perineum—a region teeming with nerve endings and erectile tissue—amplifying your pleasure to exhilarating heights.

A Passionate Journey Unfolds

Allow us to guide you on this captivating adventure. Begin by effortlessly sliding the stretchy silicone ring over your shaft, nestling it snugly at the base, just behind the testicles. As the ring applies delightful pressure, enhancing the natural rise of your erection, you'll experience a newfound sense of magnitude and firmness that will leave you breathless.

But wait, there's more—a tantalizing butt plug awaits.

Coat the elegantly designed BOOTIE plug with a generous amount of lubricant before gently inserting it into place. Prepare to revel in an exquisite sensation of fullness as the delicately curved plug gracefully caresses your prostate. The narrow and flexible base of the plug rests seamlessly and comfortably between your cheeks, allowing you to explore various positions without compromising your pleasure.

A Perfect Fit for Passionate Souls

While each body is beautifully unique, the BOOTIE RING's stretchy silicone construction ensures a splendid fit for most individuals. For specific dimensions, we invite you to peruse the detailed specifications to ascertain a match made in pleasure heaven.

Simplicity in Cleansing

Revel in the ease of maintenance. Cleaning the BOOTIE RING is as simple as a splash of soap and water. Should you desire to share this intimate delight with your partner, a thorough boil will ensure its pristine condition, ready to fuel your shared desire once again.

Embark on a journey where expanded orgasms await. Let the BOOTIE RING be your gateway to uncharted realms of pleasure, where boundaries dissolve, and ecstasy reigns supreme.

Cock ring with butt plug

  • Boosts hardness and arousal, then expands your orgasm
  • A stretchy silicone ring, plus our most popular butt plug
  • Raised area massages the perineum
  • Rocks against your prostate as you move
  • Awesome for masturbation or partner sex

Product Specs:





Cock Ring


 1.69 in (ring), 3.07 in (length), Ø 1.06 in (plug)


 0.14 lb


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic

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